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Dr Brian Schwartz CMF

Dr. Brian has devoted over 40 years to career and talent development. He is an active member of several professional groups including APCDA. He champions the enhancement of professional practice and global networking. He is an active member of the Board of Governors for the Institute of Career Certification International (ICCI). His commitment to developing nations and regions saw him relocate from New York to China. Although China-centered, he is delivering professional services across Asia and soon the subcontinent. His wisdom, integrity, advocacy, and passion are the hallmarks of his practice.

Brian is a champion for happiness. His extensive experience and considerable study have been captured in a self-assessment tool, CareerDNA. CareerDNA is the foundation for individual, organisation and professional growth. It is unique as a self-assessment and planning tool. Through his partnering with local, national and global experts he now offers a comprehensive suite of professional support, counselling and training.

Dr Brian has been instrumental in gaining international accreditation for training opportunities for career and talent development professionals and paraprofessionals. He is solely focused upon developing quality career, talent and workforce planning services to individuals, organisations and national bodies. He is an outstanding contributor to the profession and to this Asia Pacific region.

Brian actively promotes professional enhancement and service. Wherever he works he partners and mentor’s young professionals. His passion for ensuring services are delivered to the marginalised and poor often leads him to invest personally and directly to family support. Families across the world have directly benefited from his generosity. His views on social justice are well known and champions personal rather than institutional power; inclusivity and self-determination. He is political, working always for justice and human dignity. He is a champion of empowerment.

Allan Gatenby FRIEdr FRIM CMF JP MEd, Grad. Dip. (Leadership & Change), BA, Dip Teach JP

Allan is a leader among leaders. Recognized for leading organizational and individual change, globally. He is an internationally accredited career and talent development coach with a passion for recognizing and developing excellence. Allan’s leadership is energetic, creative, strategic, and empowering. He is sought after in coaching, training, and presenting. Allan delivers on developing high performing teams

Global Leader: Director of ACPi, Sustainability Consultants, One Group Leadership: Chair of Institute of Career Certification International; Association of Career Professionals International (ACPi-Aus): Lead Coach/Trainer of Quattro Training (UAE), Australian Institute of Business & Technology (ANIBT), Professional Teachers’ Council (NSW): Immediate Past President of Career Development Association of Australia, (NSW, CDAA) and Past Chair of the National Governance Committee, CDAA

Education & Training Specialist: 30 years of exceptional educational leadership including 20 years of Principal and 10 years as an educational consultant in Well-Being. Nominated for National Award in Educational Leadership for change and leadership development. Passion for flexible and agile learning, talent development, creativity, and metacognition. Experienced in teaching all stages from early childhood to university. Professional supervisor in teacher development programs.

Strategically orientated & globally networked: Above all, Allan is a social engineer. He has an extensive network across the globe and sector. He has strategic partners in China and throughout Asia, India, and UAE. Through ICCI and ACPi his network reaches each continent of the globe. He has presented at conferences in India, Malaysia, UAE, Canada as well as nationally in Australia. His engaging style, diplomacy, social, emotional, and cultural intelligence as well as his ability to identify and develop talent enables him to effectively lead and deliver on growth, change, and deliver entrepreneurial excellence.


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