successdna PROGRAMS



  • How to lead a happier life
  • How to find a good life partner
  • How to find your ideal work, become entrepreneurial
  • How to be a better parent
  • How to help others in their career and life
  • How to embrace & effect growth & change


  • How to lift productivity: Thrive, not just survive
  • How to find & keep the right talent
  • How to engage staff and maximise talent
  • How to connect and engage customers
  • How to build community strength & cohesion


Increasing Gross National Product with minimal investment
How to increase health & well-being & reduce health costs

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economic growth



CareerDNA: enabling individuals to acquire deeper insight to ‘who they are’. Self-knowledge is the foundation of happiness, becoming more resilient, enhancing relationships, understanding others, enhancing emotional, social and cultural intelligence, building a better life, community and organisations.

LeadershipDNA: enabling leaders to develop their leadership skills, corporate teams, and build organisational strength

SchoolDNA: enabling school communities to redesign curriculum, pedagogy and structures to enhance student outcomes, develop life-long learners and foster well-being and entrepreneurship.

EntrepreneurDNA: enabling individuals to utilise natural talent, creativity and innovation to enhance their happiness and the happiness of others

FamilyDNA: enabling parents & families to create communities of love & choice

RelationshipDNA: enabling collaboration, reducing conflict

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